Physician Onboarding

Getting Started With Us

Welcome to Orange County Pathology Medical Group, Inc.! We look forward to providing you with rapid and accurate diagnoses from our team of pathologists trained at world-renowned institutions. To get started, please contact our dedicated salesperson, Paul Saucedo.

>> Contact Paul Saucedo

pathologist using microscope

Our Process

Our dedicated salesperson, Paul Saucedo, will visit your office and gather information about the practice and any unique details you want us to know.

Paul will also bring:

  • Requisitions
  • Supplies (bottles of formalin and specimen bags)
  • Our OCPMG contact list
  • A list of insurances we accept

He will then formulate a plan for our courier to pick up your specimens.

Alternative Contacts: If You Can't Reach Paul

If you can't reach him, you may leave him a message or contact our lab at (714) 288-4044 and leave your contact info with the front office staff (Marisela, Gabby, or Blanca).